Customer Testimonials

Mind Gadgets Customer Testimonials:

“I perused several sites before choosing to order from Mind Gadgets. I was pleased to find that Mind Gadgets has a great selection of Meditation Mind Machines and is also very user/customer friendly. My email and telephone inquiries were quickly and professionally answered and my order was delivered faster than I expected.” – W. Alston

“Thanks. I just did a Proteus Session… dropping to 2hz then a few minutes at 24hz. I nodded off at times while sitting yoga style. Now I’m happy without a clue why. Loads of fun. Thanks for the quick reply.” – M. Voss

“Thanks for your rapid and honest reply. It is rare to find businesses online that will give a response that might result in a smaller short-term purchase, so you are definitely on my list of good guys.” 🙂 G. Saue

“I asked for and received a Procyon for Xmas. I love it!!”

“I would like to let you know I appreciate your excellent service, speedy shipping & great product.” – Abraham.

“Thank you for your warm and prompt reply. I enjoy doing business with personable people who acknowledge your interest in their work. Thank you for bringing to market what I anticipate will be just the tool I need to deepen my meditation under any and all conditions, my focused goal over the next four months.” – Lynne

“Thanks for the quick response and shipping. Will be ordering more stuff from you in the very near future.” – Michael – Comment 1

“Received package this morning, man that was quick!!!!!!! Thanks for the excellent service and keep me on your mailing list. Will be ordering more items soon.” – Michael – Comment 2

“WOW, I’m not used to inquiry emails being opened, much less resolved sooo quickly!! Thanks so much for your efforts… worked like a charm… my order is placed!! Have a super day.” – T. Staffa