Meditation Mind Machine FAQs

Meditation Mind Machine FAQs:

This page will list all Frequently Asked Questions about Mind Machines.

What is a Light and Sound Mind Machine?

A Light and Sound Mind Machine is a device designed to help promote relaxation through the use of light and sound stimulation.

What are the features of a typical Mind Machine?

A system consists of a light and sound unit, head phones and stimulation glasses. Built-in light and sound sessions direct the stimulation, creating a carefully composed sequence of light and sound patterns. Parameters of the light and sound stimulation is adjusted to vary the effect, just as with music.
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What happens when I have a Mind Machine session?

With special LED glasses over your closed eyes and headphones over your ears, you are immersed in colorful geometric patterns and entrancing sounds. The light and sound pulse rate shifts from state to state as the session progresses; brain wave activity will follow the pulse rate of the machine and fall into synch with the changes.

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What are the states of consciousness and how do they differ?

BETA 13-30 Hz: Normal Waking State; attention directed to surroundings. Includes Agitated, Restless “Monkey Mind” states which are especially amenable to treatment with Light and Sound Stimulation.
ALPHA 8-13 Hz: Relaxed, Tranquil, Daydreaming, “Inward Awareness” State.
THETA 4-8 Hz: Borderline Sleep; Meditation State with access to the Unconscious Mind for Enhanced Creativity, Learning and Inspiration.
DELTA 1-4 Hz: A Trance State that is Deep and or as a Dreamless Sleep.
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Do I need a computer to use a Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machine?

No, all of our Mind Machines come complete with preset sessions and can be used as stand alone units. However the Kasina, Procyon and Proteus come with cables and software to connect to a computer to create custom sessions.
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Is Light and Sound Relaxation for me?

If you are searching for relaxation, the elusive moments of calmness and clarity, for a quick break in a hectic life, or you are interested in self improvement then a Light and Sound Machine is for you. These tools are a fresh approach that has worked for many others and will most likely work for you. Your mind and body deserve to be calm and stress free.
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Why do Light and Sound Mind Machines work?

Perhaps better questions are: “Why do we enjoy music… why is a flickering flame hypnotic?” Light and Sound Mind Machines are the technological synthesis of centuries of exploration and a few years of neurological experiments. Light and Sound Mind Machines blank out the complex visual and auditory stimulation the mind is constantly receiving and replaces it with very simple, rhythmic stimulation. The basic rhythms of the mental processes change in response. This is a safe and effective way to get your mind in a different place. People that meditate spend years learning how to gain voluntary control over these same rhythms. Think of it as the mental equivalent of stretching the muscles. The changed mental rhythms are temporary. When a session is over you will quickly regain the mental state for everyday living. Spending time in the changed state can enhance your outlook on the day. The effects are cumulative as you learn to reach deeper levels of relaxation easier and faster.
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What are the medical uses of a Light and Sound Mind Machine?

Some of our customers have reported that light and sound machines have helped them with focus, concentration, learning, creativity, energy, clarity, visualization and peak performance. However our products are designed for vocational and recreational purposes. No medical claims are made for our products, expressed or implied. They are not medical devices and should not be used for the relief of any medical condition. Our products are not intended for the replacement of any medical or psychological treatment. Our products are not intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body.
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Why does the article you read in the morning remain in your head all day long?

It is because in the morning, delta and theta waves are still active, then alpha and Beta waves are released for daily activities.
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Why do you fall asleep when you ride the subway?

This is because the regular rhythm of the wheel stimulates theta waves that cause light sleep.
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Why do babies fall asleep quicker upon the sound of a lullaby?

This is because the lullaby mothers sing to the babies stimulates delta waves that cause deep sleep.
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Who can benefit from a Meditation Mind Machine?

Light and sound machines can enhance the work of physicians, psychologists, therapists, body builders, any harried professionals, as well as the individual experimenter who wishes to explore altered states of consciousness, awareness expansion and sensory stimulation.

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What is achieved by being in these states of mind?

The following are some of the areas being explored by users of these machines: psychological stress relief, deep relaxation, assistance in falling asleep, memory improvement, to increase learning, stabilizing emotions, to increase intellectual focus, lucid dreaming, substance abuse reduction, sensory stimulation, and increased physical energy. While some of these benefits have been substantiated by research studies, these machines are experimental and results will vary from person to person.
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How important is the sound?

The entrainment mechanism is both visual and aural. Sound and music have been used for centuries in may cultures to manipulate consciousness. Drums, chants, and environmental sounds like wind and rain all provide strong mental pictures and associations. Our products incorporate the most sophisticated sound generation circuitry of any light and sound device, employing digital synthesizers to generate complex wave forms, rich two and three note harmonies and moving audio sculptures. Sound is especially important as a means for blocking external distractions, and pulsed audio waveforms can help reduce distracting thoughts via patterned stimuli. Binaural beat frequencies can induce brainwave activity at the beat frequencies in some cases, which further assists in accessing certain states of awareness. Generally speaking, the audio component is much less important than the visual, since a large part of our brain (about 40%) is involved with vision. If you are using other forms of audio input, such as various forms of spoken word (affirmations, NLP, etc.) the importance of the audio increases in the overall experience.
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What are ‘Binaural Beats’?

Using two sound synthesizers and by specifying slightly different sound frequencies for the left and right channels, it is possible to induce a third frequency which is the difference between the left and right in the mind of the user. This is known as a binaural beat frequency generation. The perceived beat frequency is especially useful as an entrainment tool when paired with pulsing lights.
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What are AudioStrobe Encoded CDs?

Audiostrobe is a development in the creation of altered mind states and brainwave rhythms. Audiostrobe detects the presence of sound frequencies and converts them into pulsed emissions of light. The Audiostrobe codes causes the LEDs in the light frames (glasses) to flash. The user has his eyes closed during a session but they nevertheless detect a myriad of kaleidoscopic colors. Audiostrobe CDs can be played on any compact disc player. The flashing lights will not be observed unless combined with an Audiostrobe decoder. All Mind Gadgets’ mind machines have Audiostrobe decoders built in!
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