Calmlink Lite Biofeedback Software + PC Cable


Calmlink Lite Biofeedback Software allows you to harness the power of your PC while having a biofeedback session.

Calmlink is specifically designed to work with the GSR2 & GSR Temp2X Biofeedback systems.

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The GSR2 Biofeedback Machine precisely monitors your Galvanic Skin Resistance (GSR) and Calmlink translates that data to a graphical depiction.
The Calmlink Lite Biofeedback Software has 3 main Modes – Graph, Game and Animation.

Calmlink Lite Features:

  1. Two Level Thresholds.
  2. Windows Media Player Playlist support – play your favorite music during relaxation training.
  3. Works with both the GSR2 and GSR Temp 2X systems.
  4. Has 3 main Modes – Graph, Game and Animation.
  5. Customizable Graphs:

The Game Mode provides an opportunity to learn relaxation techniques in stressful environments.

3 Games are included:

  1. Bowling.
  2. A Dog Story.
  3. Space War.

Calmlink biofeedback bowling Game

In the Animation Mode the animations change as your relaxation levels change.

3 Animations are included:

  1. Nature.
  2. Sailer.
  3. Spin Man.

Calmlink Nature Animation

Each Calmlink Biofeedback Software package includes:

  1. Calmlink Lite Biofeedback Software for Microsoft Operating Systems.
  2. GSR2 PC Interface Cable: connects via the computer Microphone Port.

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Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions7 x 6 x 1 in


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