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The Training Modules of Biofeedback Software Sense; how Focused or Relaxed you are and will vary their response according to your Internal State, being Present and Focused without Burning Out.

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Peak Performance Biofeedback Software designed for the ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine.

You will learn different strategies of interaction – your own strategies – preserving and developing your valuable inner resources.

Mental Games Biofeedback Software includes two sets of levels. Level one is Psycho physiological, and level two is Sensomotoric. Level one is a group of conventional biofeedback exercises. Here you can move objects on the screen as you learn to relax your body and focus your mind. Level two consists of a number of independent modules designed to actively train your responses. of a number of independent modules designed to actively train your responses.

Level One: Psycho Physiological

There are four different stages in level one, each more difficult than the last. These games will help you improve your ability to concentrate and to relax at will. Objects on the screen are controlled by you through the ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine interface.

Level Two: Sensomotoric

Digits and Focus are ideal for improving concentration, learning to focus, and increasing your visual signal to noise ratio – helping you perceive details that are embedded in clutter. Drops and insects work with positive and negative feedback loops. They will help in increasing spatial abilities and in integrating eye/hand coordination with perception of vertical movement. Especially well suited for people who have trouble concentrating. Mandala and Music Plot are more passive modules where you can trigger visual/audio on Mental Games with the ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine.

Mental Games Biofeedback Software includes a series of biofeedback enabled training programs, specially designed to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Quickly shift from relaxed to highly focused states of mind/body integration and back again.
  • “Fine-tune” your ability to pay close attention.
  • Stay calm in difficult/stressful situations.
  • Achieve sustained states of mental clarity.

Mental Games Biofeedback Software is compatible with the ThoughtStream and current Windows Operating Systems.

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