Proteus Meditation Mind Machine

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The Proteus Meditation Mind Machine is a great entry level unit with advanced features.

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The All New Proteus Meditation Mind Machine offers a unique blend of features in a compact and easy-to-use package and now also includes a USB cable.

Enter an Inner Realm as yet Undiscovered.

A few Included Proteus Features:

Real Time Ruby (Red) / Emerald (Green) BiColor™ output:
The Proteus Meditation System includes two independent color channels. Proteus’ sessions can shift smoothly between (up to) 4,096 colors in Real Time, creating extraordinary visuals and mapping colors more precisely to states of consciousness.

Example: Lower frequencies are set to Soothing Green, while higher, energizing frequencies are the appropriate Red.

Frequency Range: 0.1 to 50.0 Hz

Totally Programmable & Upgradable:
The Proteus Meditation System is a Full Featured Stand Alone Unit and does not require a computer to operate. However; you can control the entire Proteus Meditation Mind Machine experience with the included Session Editing Software and USB Cable. If available; you can even upgrade the entire operating system.

Wave-table Audio – True Binaural Beats:
The Proteus Mind Machine includes Stereo Audio Converters enabling production of Binaural Beats and other Waveforms.

What are ‘Binaural Beats’?
By specifying slightly different sound frequencies for the left and right ears, it is possible to induce a third frequency which is the difference between the left and right. This is known as a binaural beat frequency generation. The perceived beat frequency is especially useful as an entrainment tool when paired with pulsing lights.

Enhanced AudioStrobe decoder:
The included AudioStrobe ® Decoder Circuit detects an inaudible signal encoded on Strobe Encoded MP3s & CDs. This allows precise synchronization between the audio and light stimulation. An Amazing Experience.

100 Program Capacity:
The Proteus Meditation Mind Machine has a total of 50 preloaded Sessions and can hold up to 100 Sessions total.
Click Here to View Proteus Session Details.

The Proteus Meditation Mind Machine Package includes:

  1. Proteus Meditation Mind Machine – The all new advanced light and sound stimulation console.
  2. Bicolor Ruby/Emerald GanzFrame (Micro Mini LED’s) glasses.
  3. USB Adapter & Drivers. – All New.
  4. Stereo Headphones: Deluxe headphones enhance your sound experience.
  5. Stereo Audio Cable:  Connect to any Audio Source (MP3, CD Player, Computer).
  6. Proteus User Manual.
  7. Bonus: Soft Carrying Case.
  8. Bonus: AudioStrobe Sampler CD; includes 5 selections.
  9. 2 year manufacturer warranty on the Control Console & an 1 year warranty on glasses.

Additional information

Weight2.00 lbs
Dimensions10 x 7 x 2 in




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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jeremy Ackley

    Ive owned this unit for about two years. It is solid. Its been to partys, tossed around by children, and used almost daily. It is true to its claims. I enjoy , and look forward to my sessions. I give this 4 stars only because im looking forward to upgrade to a wireless unit.

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