Stress Control with Biofeedback


The Stress Control with Biofeedback self-help course teaches you how to use a Personal Biofeedback Machine to eliminate unnecessary stress in your life.

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Stress Control with Biofeedback

by Stephen I. Sideroff, Ph.D

We all experience excessive stress in our fast-paced society, yet we were never taught how to effectively cope with Stress. This six-week Biofeedback Self-Help Program will train your Body and Mind to respond to Stress in a New and Calm Manner.

You will learn to eliminate unnecessary stress, or where stress is unavoidable, you will learn to develop reactions that are appropriate to the given situation.

You will be guided through exercises that will help you identify your sources of stress, also known as “Stressors” or “Stress Triggers”.

You will also learn the difference between good stress and bad stress. For example, moderate amounts of stress can actually help you think better. On the other hand, too much stress can hamper your ability to make rational decisions and can seriously affect your health.

One of the main goals of this program is to help you find and maintain your own optimal level of stress.

  • Identify the stress producing situations in your life.
  • Change the way you respond to stress through proven biofeedback and behavior modification techniques.
  • Use this program’s step by step method to overcome stress permanently and naturally.
  • Put relaxation in the palm of your hand with the GSR2 Biofeedback Monitor.
  • Liberate yourself from over anxieties and tensions that come between you and a happy, productive life.
  • Includes Hours of instruction on 4 CD’s.
  • Developed and field-tested by leading psychologists.

This Biofeedback Course Includes:

1. 4 Content Packed CDs.
2. Included on CD a Full Course Manual in PDF format.

** This Biofeedback Course does not include however; is designed to be used in conjunction with the GSR2 Biofeedback Machine.

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