ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine

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The USB ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine is a full featured Standalone GSR Biofeedback Machine. Very accurate taking 20 GSR Readings per Second. Buy today!

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Biofeedback has long been accepted as one of the most effective tools available for the control of stress, anxiety and for personal growth. Yet until recently, you had to pay thousands for a “clinical” model. The USB ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine is accurate, yet economical and extremely easy to use.

A great addition to any Meditation, self-Hypnosis, Relaxation session to track relaxation levels reached. How Low did you Go?

Some Benefits of Biofeedback:

  • Learn to control psychological stress and overcome anxiety.
  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Gain control of your emotional states.
  • Enhance and track your meditation experience.
  • Reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety in stressful situations.

The ThoughtStream USB Compatible Biofeedback Machine is designed to travel: lightweight, attractive and comes with an unique palm-of-the-hand sensor. Everything you will need is included!

The USB ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine is completely revised. It is a powerful standalone unit and is also USB Compatible. It’s Fast and very accurate, taking 20 GSR Samples per Second.

ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine features:

  • Is a Full Featured Stand Alone Unit and does not require a computer to operate.
  • An Unique four-color visual display shows you exactly how you are doing.
  • Eight sensitivity levels for beginning to advanced training.
  • Exceptionally smooth audio feedback.
  • Takes 20 GSR Samples per Second.
  • PC USB interface option.
  • Can be Powered by USB or Batteries.

The USB ThoughtStream Biofeedback Machine Package includes the following items:

  1. ThoughtStream Biofeedback Console – Powerful, Attractive and Compact.
  2. PalmTouch GSR Biofeedback Sensor.
  3. Stereo Headphones for Audio Feedback.
  4. User’s Manual.
  5. USB Cable – Power and USB PC Connectivity.
  6. FREE Bonus 1: Convenient Carrying Case.
  7. FREE Bonus 2: Includes Free Downloadable ThoughtStream Interface Software to graph sessions and more. (MAC (Beta) and PC Options)

Additional information

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Dimensions8.5 x 7 x 2 in



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