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Stop Stressing, Start Living

Stop Stressing Start Living

The three best selling drugs in America treat Stress & Anxiety.

Stop Stressing Start Living. There is another way to reduce stress and bring yourself into deep states of well-being… Naturally through the use of a GSR Biofeedback Machine!

Every time your autonomic nervous system changes your level of arousal or relaxation, the moisture of your skin changes, and this affects its electrical conductivity or Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).

Stop Stressing Start Living.

A GSR Meter instantly measures your emotional and physical arousal. Simply attach electrodes to your fingertips and the GSR unit will emit a tone. The more stress you feel, the higher the tone. The goal is to make the tone go down as low as possible. At first the tone will be a high pitch and will slowly go down little by little until your anxiety is gone and the sound so low you cant hear it. With a little practice you will be able to make the tone go up or down at will; just by thinking about it.

A GSR Biofeedback Machine is great for entering deep states of relaxation, where guided imagery, psychotherapy, and physical rejuvenation are more accessible. By learning to guide your own body into deep relaxation, you can master stress. Many therapists use GSR to assist clients in relaxing before they begin their work.

In short, this is one of the simplest, fastest and least expensive ways to manage your own stress levels. All of our GSR Biofeedback Machines can be used while traveling, at the office, or at home after a long day. A quick 15 minute break is all it takes.

The reviews we hear from customers are a constant reminder of the power of these powerful yet simple devices. Try it for yourself and Stop Stressing, Start Living!

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GSR Biofeedback Machine: Listen to your Bodies’ Stress Signals. Biofeedback takes a few days to master however; it helps you to develop the skill to ‘Relax at Will.View our GSR Biofeedback Machines