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What is a Meditation Mind Machine?

meditation mind machine

What is a Meditation Mind Machine?

A Meditation Mind Machine is a microprocessor controlled device designed to help promote relaxation. It creates mood changing effects through the use of light and sound stimulation.

A typical system consists of a light and sound unit, stereo headphones and stimulation Ganzframes or glasses. These units will have built-in pre-programmed sessions that will direct the light and sound stimulation. These sessions create a carefully composed sequence of rhythmic light and sound patterns. The sessions also adjust the tone, frequency, pitch and other parameters of the light and sound stimulation to vary the effect, just as with different styles of music do.

How do I use a Meditation Mind Machine?

To use a light and sound system, first find a comfortable and peaceful place to sit or lay. You then put on the headphones and glasses. Now close your eyes sit back and listen to the pulsating sound and watch the flickering lights through your eyelids.

The sound pulsates like striking a note on a piano repeatedly. The flickering lights, seen through your closed eyelids, create moving, colored, dynamic patterns and visuals that will amaze you the first time you experience them. You can move your eyes and change the effect. You can also concentrate on the patterns and change what they seem to be doing.

Some people even report seeing visions in the patterns as the imagination is inspired to work.

The stimulation takes over your two main sensory inputs and not surprisingly has an effect on your mental state. Music has been doing this for centuries.

A beginning user should experience a session regularly, close to every day, for the first few weeks. Don’t overdo it – 10 minutes is fine; an hour is a lot. You should work your way up slowly to longer sessions; just as it takes practice to meditate for long periods. Intermittent use may not be effective until you have learned how to respond to the stimulation.

Light and sound systems are used as tools by many professional therapists. They can be used safely by untrained persons for relaxation, learning enhancement, meditation and many other purposes but not for relief from any medical condition.

Is Light and Sound Relaxation for me?

If you are searching for relaxation, the elusive moments of calmness and clarity, for a quick break in a hectic life, or you are interested in self-improvement and self-help then a Mind Machine is for you. These tools are a fresh approach that has worked for many others and will most likely work for you. You Deserve to be Calm, Stress and Anxiety free.

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